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Larry J.

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Over 8 years programming experience and 25 years in the computer industry. My expertises are in development and deployment of Websites

  • Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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Larry J.
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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Development Admin Design Marketing SEO



25 years in the computer industry. My skills are in Printer and Plotter repair; Server, Laptop and Desktop. My goal is to retire as a developer and programmer, so I have been working on changing my skill sets for the past 8 years to reflect these goals.

Work history

Developer and Programmer
Tradesouthwest Website Design/Deployment Portfolio
Printer, Plotter, Server Repair
Warranty repair for all HP, Compaq computer and printers.


Phoenix Fence AZ

Phoenix, AZ fence installer company

Internet website directory

Lists popular and useful web destinations

Hokanson Architectural Design

Phoenix based Architectural Design and Services

Gulf Island Listings

Canadian based Real Estate venture

Dr. Alex Sleep Disorder Forms

Patient Testing [Contact form to request login] - Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine

Open Source App by TSW

VertyCal vertical styled scheduler app



Anthem College
Associates of Art in Computer Science and Electronics
FCC / IEEE Certification / COMPTIA A+ / ISO 9001
FCC Amateur Radio (KC7SLS)/ IEEE Certification/ COMPTIA A+/ ISO 9001 Industry Solder Certified



Website developer HTML5 css3 php pdo javascript jquery database wordpress


PHP Github Slack Trello Wordpress Screaming Frog Yoast Facebook Basecamp Constant Contact LinkedIn Twitter


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  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 35hrs per week
  • Can commit to 3-6 months


Industries I love

Science Tech Other

What I read

CBS News, ABC News, technical manuals for certifications, EpochTimes, local paper, Walt Whitman, Suduko

Side projects

MeetUp for Phoenix developers, Offroad, HAM radio, walking/hiking

Ideal team

Friendly specialists. Have woman that is my graphics person and a man that is my SEO helper. Between the three of us we can do about anything to rank a Website. Also have an investor for reseller hosting and VPS accounts.