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Andrew W.

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  • Joined May 2020

Andrew is the SEO and content marketing consultant at Webb Content. He worked in several agencies full-time and alongside another 7 as a fre

  • Guelph, ON, Canada
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Andrew W.
Guelph, ON, Canada

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I've worked inside two different agencies full-time content creator, and I've worked alongside another 7 as a freelancer. Then my journey took me to an in-house SEO role. I've seen what works and what doesn't from all three sides. It's SEO and content.

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SEO/SEM Specialist
I grew this company's organic traffic by more than 2,000% with a longtail content strategy and high-quality content. It's served as the foundation of the company's sales for the last year and a half.
Digital Marketing Consultant
This non-profit was struggling to maintain three separate websites, and each one was cannibalizing the other's traffic. I consulted with the President to consolidate the web properties and create some content to build the organization's brand again.


Is College Still Worth it?

This page takes a deep dive into the trade-offs of pursuing a bachelor's degree in the United States after 2015. It uses long-form copy, thorough research, and a lot of visualized data to make the most relevant points clear to the reader.

Average Car Insurance Rates in Ontario

I pulled back the curtain on the insurance industry in Ontario using anonymous data to show what the province's residents really pay in car insurance rates every year. This one took some slicing and dicing in excel, and the page is built on WordPress and Divi.


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