Evan W.

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My mission as your content writer is to attract, retain, and evangelize the right audience for your company and for your brand.

  • Detroit, MI, United States
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Evan W.
Detroit, MI, United States

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For five years, I have been a professional content writer. I had been asked to write quality content for them; as a result, I had returning clients. I now continue to write quality content for you and for your audience.

Work history

Flowlyaudio Podcast Editing
Part-Time Content Writer
I wrote articles about podcasting for an audience looking to have their podcasts edited for them on a month-to-month basis. Some of the articles that I had written for the brand had been well-received on LinkedIn.
Content Writer
Before I started anything with Flowlyaudio, I was a professional content writer. I would be asked to write numerous articles for numerous clients. As a result, I would end up with having testimonials that I can proudly display.


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Banking & Finance Consumer Products Ecommerce Entertainment Travel

What I read

I usually read Tubefilter and AdExchanger. Most of time, I find myself listening to podcasts.

Side projects

A side project that I am involved with right now is WEC, which is to act as a profit-driven, creative-first multi-channel network that creates animated shows, software products, and video games.

Ideal team

As a content writer, I prefer working with medium-sized teams because these teams are big enough to sustain themselves but also the communication in these groups are straightforward.