Amanda W.

  • Joined June 2015

Graphic designer, web designer with Wordpress expertise, focused on responsive site design, vector illustration, icon design, logo design.

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Amanda W.
Los Angeles, CA, United States



I have been a full-time freelancer for more than 10 years with corporate clients such as Kaiser Permanente, governmental agencies, small-medium business and even solo artisans. I have a BA in graphic design with honors from Art Center College of Design.


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What I read

My twitter feed is my life's blood, and I'm continually refining who I want to follow. It's amazing to be able to tap into the voices and thoughts of great minds, from John Maeda to Ray Kurzweil to Richard Branson to Elon Musk.

Side projects

I create icons for the The Noun Project, licensed under Creative Commons, and have been involved in design and marketing for Pasadena-based United Hope for Animals. I also have a degree in journalism and experience with writing and editing copy.