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Yannick M.

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I'm skilled at figuring out "hacks" or creative ways to solve any problems.

  • Ermont, France
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Yannick M.
Ermont, France



Yannick Maurugeon is a web designer and co-creator of 4 French startups, one of which is international. His experience in the most diverse projects (mobile application, e-commerce, social web, etc.) makes him a seasoned partner for your web projects.

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Artistic Director
Users: 10k + Used in: United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Belgium,… Role: Branding design, graphic deisgn, marketing, social branding, application design ...
Artistic Director
Role: Branding design, graphic design, newsletters, marketing, social branding, e-commerce platform management and creation...


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Trybeo - Application Mobile

After the global redesigning of the brand identity, I intervened with Trybeo for the redesign of his mobile application. I designed the graphic charter and the user interface (IOS, Android version) with the goal of illustrating and respecting the new identity of Trybeo.

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Chic Little Heroes - Website

The Chic Little Heroes Brand, present internationally on 2 continents (America, Europe), specializes in the design and sale of Disney-themed jewelry. In 2019, management wanted to accelerate its digital transformation by equipping itself with a powerful, innovative web tool.

Goetze big 1

Goetze - Website

The brand's ambitions were strong: increase its notoriety at the national level and ensure the development of synergies between the store and the web channel. Extensive work on graphic and ergonomic design has enabled us to materialize this desire by proposing a new website.


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