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Rachel B.

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Content marketer and contributor to industry publications. I do research briefs on request.

  • Portland, TN, United States
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Rachel B.
Portland, TN, United States



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I've mainly worked in Kindle ghostwriting for fiction publishers via Amazon. I have 26+ novels currently penned under pseudonyms. The most recent series I have worked as the talent behind has a 5 start rating.

Work history

TMS Publishing
Kindle Publisher
Wrote medical thrillers for their genre site under pseudonyms. This consisted also of web serials. Current client.
O Happy Day
Kindle/paperback publsiher
Wrote YA and Middle Grade novels for this client under a pseudonym. Current client.
Easy Ant
Kindle Publisher
Wrote a thriller short for this gentleman. He is in the market to continue the contract when he's finished publishing the first book.
Double T Create
Kindle publsiher
Completed several short mystery stand-alone novellas for this company.
BBox Web
E-book Publisher
Completed a science fiction series of eight installments for this company.
Angie Grimba
Kindle Publisher
Completed many short suspense fiction installments for this company.
Jeremy Hill
Independent Publisher to JukePop and various services
Revised and completed a novel on his list of publishable content.
Kindle Publisher
Completed a short series of mystery/crime fiction for this company.


Promotional Piece 1 Stimulating Sleep Health.

Own rights, so available to look at one request. Wrote an article with theories for promoting and educating the self on the placebo effect of some sleep treatments. I used Harvard institute's sleep publication and posed a scientific hypothesis that good blood health could hold the key to sleep.

Promotional Piece 2 Wrote and Article on How to Make a Swedish Fire Log

Very cool project that I review the process of making! Would love to have several for my garden this year!

Promotional Piece 3- Fictional advice article

Submitted a piece to the publication I use for fictional technique advise. The editor was impressed with the overall premise of using cinematic science to improve fictional quality.

Promotional Piece 4-Fire-arm review

Wrote a review on the science of modern firearms and how that has effected the one's currently on the market.

Promotional Piece 5: Work Place Philosophy

Wrote a guest blog post on how to improve the metaphorical outlook of office life so as to boost morale in the company

Assisted a Client Pro Bono Publico

Helped my client build a unique marketing strategy for the product I'd produced for him free of charge. Quality of product and selling it are equally important and I value my client's life needs as well as their business.



American Public University
Accounting Principles 101


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 30hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1-3 months


Industries I love

Entertainment Health & Wellness Philanthropy

What I read

I read Re-Fiction, which is a reference place for fiction writers. I read Simply Armed blog. I have an affinity to any science or automotive publication, especially motorcycles. I read books exceprts for a living. I was fond of Book Thief and Fire Sermon

Side projects

I love projects and volunteer work. I used to manage a food need services ministry.

Ideal team

Really any one that would reply at the time they intended to, and with clients the one's that pay on the scheduled time and don't make me wait for days on end. I have bills, you know.