Yvonne J.

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Online Writer, Editor, Producer, Archivist, and All-Around Digital Wrangler. Dotcom Refugee. Future Tiny Houseowner. Urban Farmgirl.

  • Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Yvonne J.
Philadelphia, PA, United States



I'm a dotcom refugee and freelance multimedia wrangler who has worked with companies and individuals including David Byrne, Michael Moore, National Public Radio, Oxygen, Comcast Interactive Media, AOL Time Warner, + the Sundance Film Festival. Whew!


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What I read

I read constantly. At the moment, I'm juggling Miranda July's novel 'The First Bad Man,' Cory Doctorow's 'Information Doesn't Want to Be Free,' the comic book series 'AIR,' and a backlog of Sam S. Mullin's blog posts.

Side projects

Right now my two biggest projects are freelance solvency and building a tiny, mortgage-free house on wheels this fall. But dating, building my screenwriting and journalism portfolios, and traveling to visit far-flung friends are major goals as well.