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Zachary L.

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  • Joined May 2016

3/5 current clients have landed $10mm+ funding or acquisition. 1/5 is Shaun White, Traffic-Conversion-Sale-Repeat | New to CloudPeeps ☁🐤

  • Serving Clients Internationally
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Zachary L.
Serving Clients Internationally

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Copywriting Growth Email Marketing SEO



I am currently declining any roles in a full-time capacity. I've found
that discussions surrounding trivial items like 'paid time off' and
'opportunity for upward mobility' too often obfuscate the reason who
you want to hire someone in the first place.

Work history

Brought on as contractor to replace SEO agency
Optimized on-page SEO, grew organic traffic by 259%, SERPS CTR from 28.32% to 42.16%, and raised avg position for mobile & tablet traffic to 3.1 and 5.6.
Intent-based user testing to increase bottom line
Used landing page optimization strategies to increase site conversion rate by 22.1% and raise average order value by $55.11.


Former, Founder Podcast

Lean launched a podcast by cold emailing founders. Website is converting between 18-23% from visits to form submissions.

Viral Marketing Mechanics

I've studied LinkedIn as a lead generation source for the last 6.5 years. I've made several articles get featured on Pulse. I've made one article go viral twice.

Quora for lead generation

I wrote an answer that generated more than 150,000 views. At the bottom was a link to Former, Founder Podcast and I received more than 900 leads in less than 30 hours. The post was taken down because I didn't cite the link : (



agile methodology content marketing conversion rate optimization lead generation


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours only


  • Can work 14hrs per week
  • Can commit to 3-6 months


Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Animals & Pets Banking & Finance Construction & Infrastructure Consumer Products Ecommerce Education Events Tech Venture Capital

What I read

Better than that, I know the writers of all of the publications, blogs, and books you would want me to read.

Ideal team

Don't be cocky. Things will go wrong. My tactics may change. Bring Whiskey.